About PW Advisors

PW Advisors is a tax and accounting firm that specializes in tax planning and tax return preparation for entrepreneurs and business owners. We employ proven tax techniques, that when implemented, save our clients tens of thousands of dollars in taxes every single year. To optimize tax savings, we customize each strategy to take into account the unique circumstances of our clients' families and businesses.

We believe that accounting needs to be creative, proactive, and strategic in order to achieve maximum tax savings. In addition to thoughtful tax planning, we also hold that our clients' financial data belongs to them and them alone. We use secure technology so that our clients can access their data whenever they want, without having to wait for a response. Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients lawfully lower their taxes so they can keep more of the money they have worked so hard to acquire. This is our one and only purpose.

Joey Aronbayev

Joey Aronbayev, CPA graduated with a master’s degree in taxation from CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College. Joey started his career at KPMG, a global Big 4 accounting firm, where he primarily worked on tax preparation for fortune 500 companies. Several years into Joey's career he realized that he wanted to be more involved with his clients; this led him to a smaller, but still global, CPA firm. Joey soon realized that his clients were overpaying in taxes. By the time he started working on their tax returns it was too late and nothing could be done.

Joey made the decision to open his own firm, complete specialized training and become a Certified Tax Coach (CTC). Joey now focuses on showing business owners and entrepreneurs how to PROACTIVELY reduce taxes with his highly effective tax planning strategies. Joey uses his unique skill set to unearth every legal tax loophole, credit, and deduction available to save his clients the most money possible on their taxes.